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“Do you have fabrics on hand/in stock?”

We are small home based little online fabric shop attempting to offer more fabric choices to fabric fanatics and fans in the country, but we do carry a small amount of fabrics on hand. Please browse the Ready Stock section for available fabrics or whatsapp +6012 2870640 to set an appointment to see us.

“How long do the pre-orders take to reach me?”

A duration of 2 weeks is given for each batch of Pre-Order from closing of Pre-Order. Once fabrics arrive to us, we’ll then individually pack them and post it to your doorstep. If the pre-orders take longer than expected, we’ll update you through our Facebook page or Instagram feed. However, items may also arrive earlier than 2 weeks. We close pre-orders every 15th and 30th of every month.

“What’s the difference between Laminated Fabric and Waterproof Fabric?”

Laminated fabric is a high quality cotton sheet with a waterproof layer on the front. This is perfect for those who’d want a natural texture layer on one side of their projects. It’s safe to be used with food, which means it’ll be great for tablecloths and food bags. Waterproof fabric, on the other hand, is more waterproof and often used for raincoats, shower curtains and bags. Commonly, the other side is plain.